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We create Premium Merchandise that is customised to your needs. Whether it’s for your community, employees or key players in your eco-system - we have you covered. With our extensive supplier network you can be confident that our quality will set you apart and give you a competitive edge.


We use award winning developers to create stunning e-commerce websites for your community. Our Web3 integration allows for Crypto payments & NFT token gated access to products.

Global Events

Premium Merch at Global Events can ensure that you grab all the attention and rightly so! Airrrr Merch will seamlessly handle the whole process from sampling to delivery, making sure you have your products there waiting for you.

NFC Tech

Add our NFC chips to your Merch which blends the digital and physical worlds by verifying NFTs & Garments. This combination promises a cutting-edge experience for your community.


Our Factories work with some of the biggest brands in the world ensuring that we provide the highest quality Bespoke clothing & accessories. We are YOUR access to the industries very best suppliers!

Other Services


We offer comprehensive marketing planning services to ensure that your Merch gets the attention it deserves, both pre-launch and post-launch.

Our team will work with you to develop a marketing plan that is tailored to your brand, that maximises the visibility and reach of your products.


Bespoke accessories are an excellent way to make your company stand out from the competition. We take pride in our ability to design and produce highly distinctive and high-quality accessories that capture the essence of your brand.


Collaborations can help to expand reach and exposure by tapping into new markets, audience segments, and distribution channels. We are here to facilitate collaborations for you and approach companies you’d be proud to be associated with.

We will handle every aspect for you and we will ensure that everything is made to the highest possible standard.


At Airrrr Merch, our graphic design network stands as a collective powerhouse of creativity and innovation. We've carefully curated a community of visionary designers who breathe life into your brand's identity and vision.


Our re-branding service is a transformative journey for your brand's identity. We understand that evolution is essential to staying relevant and impactful in a dynamic market. Our team will work closely with you to reimagine, revamp, and redefine your brand, aligning it with your current vision and the ever-changing industry landscape.


We work with the largest couriers to offer worldwide shipping services, ensuring timely and cost-effective worldwide shipping for your merchandise, whether destined for your customers or Global events you'll be part of.

In addition to our shipping services, we also offer on-call customer care to answer any queries that your customers may have.

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